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Technical parameter
Final products of Wantong double-wall warm keeping board (in roll)
Double wall warm keeping board
Wantong double-wall warm keeping board
Plastic bolt for building greenhouse
M8*12 plastic bolt
M10*21 plastic bolt


Speciality and usage of Wantong doule-wall warm keeping board
Wantong double wall warm keeping board has lot of advantages over the conventional warm keeping board. Conventional warm keeping board suffers from bad mechanical strength, easy aging and tearing and need to change once a year. Wantong double wall warm keeping board is hollow structured which allows for isolation of air inside, thereby improving the warm keeping strength. This structure also allows for lower humidity, increased heat resistance and light transmission. The reinforcing bar is inside which gives it the necessary power to withstand the strong wind and snow. The board also has an advanced anti aging formula and thus provides long service life. With so many merits, it is widely used in fish culture, flower and vegetable culture in greenhouse and in solar powered shed for stock raising. The Wantong double wall warm keeping board plastic bolt for building greenhouse comes in sizes of 8*12 and 10*21 plastic bolt.

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